Articles, videos, and how to content from the UK's first Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and Lean Agile Procurement Trainer.

Simon Reindl is a deeply experienced Agile coach, Agile consultant, and Professional Scrum Trainer. Simon has worked with every business domain from manufacturing to energy and from start-ups to multi-nationals. In this blog, Simon shares experiences, insights, and how-to content to help you become a power practitioner.

Lean Agile Procurement

Learn what Lean Agile Procurement is and why it’s a game changer. Articles, videos, and insights to help you make a decision about this dynamic framework.

Agile Coach

If you’re thinking of hiring an agile coach or just want to become an agile coach, you’ll find heaps of blogs, videos, and insightful articles around Agile coaching.

Scrum Master

A true leader that inspires others to follow the path of product development excellence. If you want to learn about the accountability and improve, this is the perfect blog to follow.

Product Owner

The CEO of the product! If you’re struggling to consistently create value for your customers and product stakeholders, you’ll find tips, how to videos, and insights to help you lead.

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